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Alkaline Water Benefits

The water we drink is always one of the biggest concerns in life. There used to be a time when ensuring the water is devoid of chemicals, parasites, and disease-inducing elements was enough. However, this is now being challenged by a number of health experts from different parts of the globe. Arguably the biggest trend to hit water safety these days is with regards to its pH. Nowadays, it is highly encouraged that people drink alkaline water. What are the benefits of making this switch and is it any better compared to the tap water we get exposed to these days?


  1. A higher water pH is more conducive for health- To answer this benefit, one must take a look at basic chemistry. The human body’s internal pH is estimated at 7.4. Meanwhile, pure water has a pH of 7. If that is the case, it means that pure water is slightly more acidic than the body. The 0.4 may not seem like a big difference, but this gap is actually huge when placed in the context of human physiology. In fact, it only takes a +/- 0.2 pH deviation of blood pH before adverse effects commence. To maintain the proper internal environment, it is recommended to drink water that’s closer to the body’s pH level.
  2. Reducing body acids help in overall body functions- Perhaps by now you already have an idea on how lowering body pH may put a strain on your health. How much strain it is? All of your body’s systems are weakened by an acidic pH that’s partly contributed by drinking non-alkaline water. To maintain optimal blood pH, your body derives minerals found in tissues such as bone to neutralize the excess acid. Also, acidosis, the state of having acidic blood (pH < 7.4) causes pathologic conditions such as diarrhea, osteoporosis, arthritis, and anxiety. Because of this, it is important to maintain normal blood pH. You can start with drinking alkaline water.
  3. Improved immune function- Your body’s resistance against a number of disease is highly reliant on how stable your body’s internal environment is. Immune function is significantly boosted by staying within the body’s normal pH level and reducing undue stress caused by the presence of excess acid. It boosts cellular healing, essential for fast recovery and increased resistance to illness. Last but not least, it keeps the production of free radicals to a minimum, significantly reducing the risk of developing cancer. As a bonus, because of improved cell health, this water can even make you look younger.

Alkaline water, alternatively named ionized water, has a pH in between 8 to 10. Ideally, the water you consume should ideally be from 8.5 to 10. One good example of natural water that is within this pH range is spring water. Passing thru rocks causes the extraction of minerals, which increases the pH of water. For those who don’t have access to spring water, the alternative is to use an ionizing system that will make the water more basic. For the sake of your health, try it now!

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