Reverse Osmosis Water and Fluoride

I think at this point there is no question that ingesting fluoride is bad for our health.  Here in Australia it is nearly impossible to escape from the fluoridation of our tap water (See Here). The most effective way to remove the fluoride from our drinking water is to use a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter to remove all of the particles from the water. RO water is in fact stripped of all heavy metals, solids, and other contaminants, making the water not only taste better but in fact much more healthy for us.  


RO filters must work in conjunction with traditional carbon filters, as the RO membrane relies on the carbon filter to remove the chlorine and other chemicals before going through the RO filter. The filters associated with all of the Ultra Pure products use an activated Coconut shell Carbon filter as a pre-filter before going through the RO membrane.  Although the activated Coconut Shell Carbon filter is a fantastic pre-filter for removing many of the standard unwanted contaminates it has zero effect on one of the worst offenders in our water, the FLUORIDE.

After water is passed through the RO filter you are left with healthy clean water that you can use to drink or cook with. The long term benefits to your health are immeasurable. There is no question as to the importance on your overall health to drink plenty of water.  However if the water that you drink is heavily contaminated by toxic poisons you may be doing more harm than good by taking in your 8 glasses a day. Don’t accept poor quality water in your diet, it is so important for your overall health to consume high quality water. When you drink water laden with the heavy metals and chemicals your body is forced to process these chemicals putting stress on your organs. When you drink pure RO water through an Ultra Pure filter your body can easily absorb and re-hydrate without any stress.  

Take a look at our RO filters here.

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