Ultra Top Reverse Osmosis Filter 190L per Day

Ultra Top Reverse Osmosis Filter 190L per Day

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The Ultra Top is a Fashionable and Ergonomic Reverse Osmosis Counter-top Water Filter designed to connect directly into your water Tap. The perfectly clean, fresh tasting pure water is stored in the available storage Jug ready for consumption. Tank in the housing will fill automatically when water is removed ready to refill your water jug again.

The Ultimate in Water Purity
Our Latest design in Filtering technology combines 4 stages of filtration to guarantees an optimal level of purity. Our Filter will remove anything from rust, sand and coarse particles to chlorine, calcium compounds (e.g. limescale), medicinal residues, pesticides and herbicides, fluoride, cleaning products and much more. Also our antibacterial coating inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter making sure that it’s safe to drink at all times.

The Most Economical RO System

The numbers are shocking with only two Main Filter to change:

1) Our Patented 4 in 1 filter is only $49 and will need changing every 8 -12 months

2) Our RO (Reverse Osmosis USA made) membrane is $49 and will need changing every 24 to 30 months.

This is less than $60 per year. 

Simple Installation
By using our universal tap adaptor installing the Ultra Top is a matter of minutes. Innovative quick hose connectors allow you to install the whole system with no tools.

Changing filters is as easy as 1 2 3…
With our newly design integrated filter system changing filters will take seconds.

Integrated Storage
An integrated water storage Jug is built into the system. It stores 1.7 litres of water and will automatically refill as required. 

Technical Details

  • Daily production:  190 litres
  • Storage Jug: 1,7 litres
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 31cm x 18cm x 39cm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • required water pressure: 3 bars
  • Recommended filter change: every 8-12 months
  • Recommended RO membrane change: every 24-30 months

Attention Free Gift

Also and Exclusive to Ultrapure Customers we have an Amazing gift that if you follow it will give you Energy, Radiance, Health beyond anything else you have tried before and within 3 Days of trying it.

It's what we call The Amazing Water Therapy one of most simple and most hidden truths of our days that will guarantee new unfound energy and vitality in your body.

This simple Water Therapy is easy to do and if followed it can cure most ailments and diseases known to man. Crazy but true. 

The Amazing Water Therapy book will be sent to you by email and free of charge with the purchase of this product.




Ultra Flow Filter Installation Video



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